Art or Science

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A few days ago I caught myself almost saying to someone : ” You know, I used to be a scientist”. I didn’t say it, thankfully, because then I would have been half guilty of what she was doing, which was trying to bully me into accepting her opinion because of her position of “authority” (Yeah, it was my doctor. Damn I hate when they do that. Sorry, mini rant has passed). What bothers me now though, was that I thought “used to be”. Do you ever stop being something ? If I’m not getting payed to do something do I loose the title ? If I pursue Art am I leaving Science behind ?

I firmly believe that when you learn to use a tool you not only learn the skill of manipulation of said tool, but that you learn to see the world anew; you learn to see where that tool can be used. Science is a beautiful tool. Art is a beautiful tool too. But,

the division into two commonly conceals far more than it reveals. Thinking in terms of twofold oppositions makes it difficult to notice the existence of options other than the two proposed.

Art or Science? I’d like to find the midpoint; the space between the two choices; the centre which holds both in balance. What would that look like ?


On a more practical note …

Science in the kitchen:


My SCOBY (symbiotic community of bacteria and yeast) that gives us water kefir.  Yummy !


More yeast in action, Maillard reactions, and a bunch of other chemistry (aka bread).


An emulsion of cocoa butter, avocado oil, beeswax and water. Yes, you can make your own moisturizer !