Vision versus Execution

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I was actually felting the other day (squeezed that in between all the garden tasks), but unfortunately it was one of those instances where the vision of what I wanted to accomplish and the sight of what was in front of me were not lining up. Now, I’m pretty flexible and letting the piece go where it wants to go often yields something interesting; this was not one of those times ! The project was consigned to the recycle heap, and I was in a bit of a funk over the “lost” time. Being annoyed puts me in the mood for introspection (better than throwing things I guess), so I got to thinking on the topic of “vision versus execution” in art. I would like to think, that were I a professional artist (read full-time), that I would be able to master my craft and then be able to produce just what my little ol’ mind could dream up. I suspect however, that reality might be more like this quote from Einstein :

Do not worry about your problems with mathematics, I assure you mine are far greater.

That was my experience when studying Physics, and I have a feeling that always chasing a moving target/having greater expectations happens in most areas of endeavor. It could just be a personality thing too. It is a bit depressing to think that I might never be satisfied with my execution, but maybe that’s what keeps one going. Anyone out there further along the art curve want to set me straight ?