The Day I Met the Dalai Lama

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The day I met the Dalai Lama,

I don’t remember what the weather was.

But it was in front of our church,

so it wasn’t raining.

I know that at least.


The day I met the Dalai Lama,

I don’t remember how old I was.

But she held my hand,

and I knew Love.

I remember that seed.


The day I met the Dalai Lama,

He looked like a small nun.

Not the old fashioned kind;

her only distinguishing marks,

were a large cross and a practical navy skirt.


The day I met the Dalai Lama,

I might have been mistaken.

I might have met Guanyin,

or the Buddha,

or even Jesus.


But, we’ve all seen

the Dalai Lama on TV.

And sometimes,

seeing is believing.


The Sun is Risen

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2016-03-27 14.21.56

The snow still lingered

on north slopes

and under cedar.

But today,

today was resurrection Sun Day,

and the bees and I came to worship.

2016-03-27 14.23.32

Winter Aconite
Eranthis hyemalis

The Art of Persuasion

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All the sun had to do was SHINE !


Art Thoughts

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Art has been taking a back seat lately around my house. Still occupies my mind , if not my hands ! This is my favourite quote from John Holt. I think you could replace the word leader with artist.

“Leaders are not what many people think — people with huge crowds following them.  Leaders are people who go their own way without caring or even looking to see whether anyone is following them.  “Leadership qualities” are not the qualities that enable people to attract followers, but those that enable them to do without them.  They include, at the very least, courage, endurance, patience, humor, flexibility, resourcefulness, determination, a keen sense of reality, and the ability to keep a cool and clear head even when things are going badly.
This is the opposite of the “charisma” that we hear so much about.  Charismatic leaders make us think, “Oh, if only I could do that, be like that.”  True leaders make us think, “If they can do that, then by golly I can too.”  They do not make people into followers, but into new leaders..”
John Holt in Teach Your Own (p. 64)


Tidings of Comfort and (Creative) Joy

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The countdown is on to get the cookie baking done, so no long post tonight. Also, no top ten list or something of that flavour, just these two lovely videos that I hope will fill you with comfort and creative joy !

Life’s Inspiring …

Lost and Found

Creative Joy

Spirit of the Season

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In the spirit of the coming light, following these short days and long, cold, dark nights, I’d like to take a moment to wish that all of our artistic endeavors lead us to more goodness and joy; for ourselves, our families and all being.

Seek the truly practical material life, but seek it in such a way
that it does not numb you to the spirit that works within it.
Seek the spirit, but not out of spiritual lust or spiritual egoism;
seek it rather because you wish to become selfless in the practical life of the material world.
Turn to the ancient principle:
“Spirit never without matter, matter never without spirit!”
And say to yourselves:
We will do everything material in the light of the spirit,
and we will seek the light of the spirit in such a way
that it enkindles warmth in us for our practical deeds

Rudolf Steiner