The Garden

We’ve had to say farewell to our wonderful gardens (2017). Maybe someday we’ll have another opportunity to grow food again !

We moved to our current location in the spring of 2012. Previous owners had created a serious problem by increasing the soil height past the level of the foundation. As a result much of the yard needed to be re-graded. And since the machines were on site, how about turning the front yard into a spot for raised garden beds ??? A ton of work, but mission accomplished ! We have ten 8×4 foot raised beds in the front yard and two others in another spot. We also have turned most of the other parts of the yard into beds for native plants. There is a herb spiral and a hedge out front as well.


Of course, this isn’t enough room to grow enough veggies for winter storage. Luckily the last five summers (2012 – 2016) we’ve had some space at a friend’s out of town. We’ve been able to grow enough garlic and onions to store for the winter and potatoes and squash to make it to around February. The 2015/2016 season we didn’t get to plant squash, but garlic was great !