You Can’t Please Everyone

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I was actively soliciting rain yesterday so that I wouldn’t have to water the garden. Well, nature delivered –  in quantity ! It seems like we’re in for another stretch of cool weather. The tomatoes alas, will likely be staying green for longer. When it comes to weather you just can’t please everyone in the garden. But, when you diversify what you are growing usually somethings will do well. At the moment, the beans are particularly happy, so I’ve started making some lacto-fermented dilly beans. They’re awesome, and good for the tummy too ! Last year we tried dill pickles, and while our pickling cucumbers are still small, I found some at the farmers market so I could get more batches in this year.

PS: I use horseradish leaves in all my pickles so they stay nice and crunchy. Grape leaves also work, and possibly raspberry leaves, although I’ve never tried them.