The Ocean Again

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We are here.

The journey

was both too fast

and too slow.

Car travel still being

fast enough to leave you

a little unsettled

at the ever later

setting of the sun

but too slow

to by-pass the occasional tedium

of 4500 kilometers in a van.

We passed over

ancient rocks

and walked by

a Sleeping Giant

clothed in Boreal trees.

Hit the Prairies flying

and stopped for Pelicans

and other birds in salty locales.

The Mountains were the stars

despite the heat and haze of smoke.

Well, stars until we found the Ocean again.

Still smells like home.



The Prairies


The Mountains




Something Will Come of It

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I’ve been listening to this often:

“Into The Stream”

I’ve set the rain
to be cold and hard
I’ve set the sun to
be bright and sharp
To wake you up
from your hollow dream
I’ll shake your bed
with a thunder strike
from my hand
Let’s come all steal
we will lie and cheat
and turn around
all their limit signs
and redirect this
this great old boring road
into the depths
of a lion’s mouthJust to see
if there’s something we believe.
I suspect something will come of it.
On a more practical note, it’s almost time to pack up the bedroom “studio” before the house showing. Ugg !

Back in Action

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After a year without a decent camera, the resident photographer is back in action ! Colours of a southern Ontario winter:




Sebastien at Leslie Spit, Toronto Ontario.

Keep the Heat

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It’s still hot – and DRY ! I feel like I’ve spent all Summer watering the garden. It will be cold soon enough though, and we’ll be glad of the “stored heat” in all the things gathered and squirrelled away. I dug horseradish root on the weekend and added that to the already harvested cayenne, garlic and onions as a base for fire cider. Fresh ginger and turmeric made it in too, along with a few herbs that called out to me: rosemary, wild bergamot, calendula and echinacea. ┬áHeat to melt Winter’s cold !


Fade to Fall

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The heat is kicking us back to summer, but the colours know it’s time to fade to fall.

All Our Senses

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This morning I could smell Fall creeping in; the smell of warm earth cooling in the night, subtly different I think, then Spring’s smell of cold earth warming. Or perhaps it was the sight of so many bees amongst the flowers heavy with pollen or the subtle shift of the greens to a darker, duller shade that turned my thoughts. Maybe, the sound of the returning Merlins, back from where they fledged this summer’s young, is what gave it away. Or was it the feel of the brittle raspberry canes, spent of their bounty, that I trimmed out in the evening. Nature never isolates our senses, she always provides a bounty for all. We rely so heavily on sight when painting, that I despair of ever capturing more. But, I know it can be done because I can feel Vincent van Gogh’s paintings shimmer, and am pulled into the deep shadows of Hopper, and the breeze smells cool off Seurat’s water. Art for all our senses !


Naturally Newmarket

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Summer is here and everyone is taking advantage of the warm weather ! Pictures by Sebastien.