Keep the Heat

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It’s still hot – and DRY ! I feel like I’ve spent all Summer watering the garden. It will be cold soon enough though, and we’ll be glad of the “stored heat” in all the things gathered and squirrelled away. I dug horseradish root on the weekend and added that to the already harvested cayenne, garlic and onions as a base for fire cider. Fresh ginger and turmeric made it in too, along with a few herbs that called out to me: rosemary, wild bergamot, calendula and echinacea. ¬†Heat to melt Winter’s cold !



Digging Up the Past – Seeing the Future

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Yesterday, digging roots.

Feels like digging up the past.

Elecampane, for old colds and old heartaches.

Rosettes of next years primrose and mullein.

Flowers for the future.

Today – Samhain – ¬†eating pomegranate and waiting for Persephone’s time in the underworld.