Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones.

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 These have been quite a conversation starter. “Are those bones on your counter ?”, “Why, yes they are !”. I’ve actually meant to take them down to the root cellar, but my procrastination has at least yielded some entertainment. I make stock with the marrow bones from our beef order, and then I rinse them off and save them. You might be asking why at this point. Simple, it’s for the trees ! I have plans for adding a few fruit trees to the garden this spring (and also raspberries). Trees need phosphorous for good root development, and since phosphorous is not very mobile in the soil, it helps to add a source to the hole when planting. Bone meal is a good way to get phosphorous ! So into the hole go the bones. Granted, these will be more of a long term source of P due to the fact that they aren’t ground, but hopefully the trees will be around a long time.

Phosphorous has been on my mind as of late. I have a high pH soil in the garden (7.8, we’ve got calcareous soils in these here parts) and it means phosphorous can become unavailable do to reaction with all that calcium. Nutrient balancing in general is a goal for the the veggie gardens this year, but that is a whole other post !



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