What’s in a Name

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The Magician's Nephew by mscorley

When he tried to describe it afterward Digory always said, “ It was a rich place: as rich as plumcake .”

                                 –  The Magician’s Nephew  –  C.S Lewis

The day I was casting around for names for this blog, I was reading the first book in the Narnia series , The Magician’s Nephew, to my youngest. It struck me that “The Wood Between the Worlds” was, in a way, like the internet. Not a place where things happen, as Digory tells it; the trees just go on growing. Nothing real happens on the internet, just ideas that keep on growing. And it is a rich place indeed ! I had found a name.

I’m hoping Art Between the Worlds will be a place your yellow ring will take you, and from there you’ll be pulled with your green ring to all kinds of worlds of art. If you don’t get the ring reference, you’ll just have to read the book !

 As for the tag line, I do believe art is everywhere. Now, I might be in hot water with purists for saying that, but I think anything approached with an artistic sensibility can be art. What then is an artistic sensibility ? For me, a sense of childlike wonder at the possibilities to create; express beauty or form; to interpret the world.  Mostly though, I think you know it when you see it. Which leaves plenty of room for everyone to see different things as art.

We all have a creative spark within, it just needs some cultivation. Of course, there will always be masters, and those with more talent, ability, drive, or accomplishment. There’s me on the piano, and then there’s Mozart. But, to create and produce with our own hands, not to just be a consumer,  is something we can all strive for.

It has become clear to me that the function of art is not only for beauty making, but for soul making. For every creative effort we make, we work a little bit upon ourselves, shaping the raw material of our beingness into something unique and staggeringly beautiful.

Craig Paterson


One thought on “What’s in a Name

    maryruberto said:
    October 10, 2013 at 12:01 am

    La-OVE your blog, Nicole!!!!!

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